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Janice Earley

Janice Earley studied Fine Art at Durham University and has a background in teaching. She has lived over the years in North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Germany, France and Guernsey, but has now settled in Cumbria near to the northern Lake District. She feels very drawn to the coast and to wild and natural places, which greatly influence her work. Janice's studio looks out on the wild northern Pennines, where the scene is constantly changing with the light, seasons and weather conditions.


Although Janice enjoys landscape painting, her principal interest is in print making. Lino printing is her chosen method of relief printing, having developed her skills in this medium over 20 years, and she produces 7-25 original limited edition prints per run (occasionally working on larger runs for black and white prints). She has also uses wood engraving and woodblock printing techniques. Janice works in oil-based inks on specialist printing paper, although recently she has begun to explore using water-based inks. Where possible, she enjoys working on a large scale. Recently she has had her own studio built, and has purchased an Albion Press which dates back to 1846 - a beautiful piece of antique engineering in itself!


Describing her working process, Janice says: "Generally I work using the ‘reduction method’, employing one piece of lino, cutting then printing the white areas first, then cutting and printing from light to dark colours, the darkest colour being printed last.  Usually by this stage very little lino remains on the original block. Some prints can be simple, with one or two colours, whilst others will build up and contain several colours. Allowing for drying time, depending on size and complexity, my prints can take 2 to 3 weeks to complete.  With the images I create I want to evoke an atmosphere which has inspired my interpretation - a walk, a visit, a scene where I can explore the day or season, light or the weather which I have experienced. Some of my images are of recognisable places whilst others are designed to stir memories of a place or time."

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